Transformation and Healing

Siddharth Shah
2 min readOct 21, 2021


Few of my core needs since childhood have always been learning and growth. To see my full potential.

‘Will I reach my full potential through Transformation or Healing?’ that has been at the root of this inquiry. And thus it matters so much to me.

I am invested in this inquiry at the level of identity and not just curiosity or values. I am also hoping to unlock my vision for myself through this inquiry. My vision of ‘How do I want to show up in the world as well as what are the larger systems I am part of?’

1) On humans as wounded vs. thriving and health seeking — I am a spiritual person who believes in multiple births as multiple species. When I take that very large view, I see that human birth is at the cusp. It is probably only in human birth that I can heal my wounds and at the same time have immense potential to transcend/actualize ‘Life’

After reflecting on your mail, now, I am at a place of ‘both’ and not ‘either/or’. As a human, ‘I can be both a healing as well as transformation machine’.

2) Idea of pain and suffering — I completely agree with this. In fact it is only when we can stay in pain, that we can heal and then forgive (Olga Botcharova, revenge and forgiveness cycle, 1998)

This quality of staying in pain, reflection and observation seems to be unique to humans and thus my above emphasis on ‘Only humans (and no other species) as a healing machines’.

Also, for non-humans transformation could be an involuntary entropic episode however for humans it could be a deliberate exploration! Again an empowering belief for me!

As of now, I can’t be sure of any truth in these beliefs however it definitely seems to be a ‘Growth Mindset’, where I am able to take responsibility for both my wounds as well as my transformation. This belief helps me take positive actions without hurting others. I am happy to be vigilant and mindful of these beliefs and not let it turn into dogma.

Both the above beliefs, fills me up with gratitude and empowerment. When I am truly immersed in them, I am in a sense of wonder and awe about human life and creation. It meets my need for belonging.



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