Ideas are directions

Beam in a dark room
  1. Move it out of my head. In any way. Write, draw, compose, picture, build, formulate, take action, make a call, discuss etc. Anything. An external representation that can be seen, touch, heard, felt or taste. It has to have a strong sensory connect.
  2. Tell a story using the idea. Make a character adapt that idea and weave it into a plot.
  3. Compare and contrast with other ideas. With business ideas, Chess ideas etc. you can compare and contrast with other ideas to build on your existing idea.
  4. Collect data and arguments for and against the idea.
  5. Make a list of places where this idea can be used
  6. Taking ideas away from their topics or generic classification. Not thinking in terms of physics, biology, management, arts, sports etc. Ideas have universal applications. These containers of classification are usually in my head



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Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah

The blogs are my musings on various subjects - from art, science, culture to philosophy, psychology and personal finance