Contempt Is Victim’s Best Friend!

  1. Don't shy away from expressing all your feelings especially anger. Find a healthy way to express it. Enough help available to see how we can express our feelings and needs without being a jerk
  2. Appreciation — When we are consumed by love all we see are others goodness similarly when we are consumed by contempt, all we see are others shortcomings. It is humane. In this tsunami of disrespectful thoughts , if you are able to find one pinch of goodness in the other person. Just one pinch. It is enough. No matter how much you hate others, there is definitely one very small pinch of goodness in everyone. Focusing on that changes perspective. Try it. It helps. Yes, you will not go and hug the other person immediately however it will help more than you would imagine
  3. Take responsibility for your need to be respected and to matter. Speak up for yourself. This helps in not bottling up of feelings. I have already shared about that above.
  4. Seek professional help if the toxicity continues for more than few months.
  5. Call it quits — Some relationships are never meant to be aligned. Doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with anyone. Both you and your partner deserve peace and happiness. Don’t be afraid to call it quits if there is too much toxicity over prolonged time.



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Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah

The blogs are my musings on various subjects - from art, science, culture to philosophy, psychology and personal finance